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A more youthful you

Aging of the face produces relaxation and sagging of the skin and muscles of the forehead and eyebrows. The descent of the eyebrows produce excess of skin, heaviness and wrinkles at the upper eyelid and all periocular area. This sagging has the effect of giving a sad or angry look. The most affected area is the outer area of the eyebrows, near the temples. Therefore, the goal of an eyebrow lift is to tighten the skin and muscles to eliminate this sagging and restore the radiance of the eyes, the position of the eyebrows, and a radiantly youthful appearance.

Also known as a temporal lift, an eyebrow lift is a surgical procedure that aims to correct sagging. The tail of the eyebrow may begin to cover the eyelid. During the process, the specialist repositions the eyebrow in its original position, allowing you to find a younger and more alert look. This sagging phenomenon appears over time. It is linked to the loss of elasticity of the skin, which, when relaxed, tends to fall. It can, in some cases, be hereditary.

The Right Lifting of the Right Kind

Although an eyebrow lift is more common in older patients, for some people, a low eyebrow is not the result of aging. In these patients, droopy eyebrows are hereditary and appear at a very young age. An eyebrow lift is also an excellent choice for them if they want to appear less severe, “softer.”

The Brow Lift Processes

There are two ways to perform an eyebrow lift: the closed technique (sometimes called the endoscopic approach) or the open technique. In the closed or endoscopic technique, small incisions are made behind the hairline around the forehead, and the procedure is performed under the skin, with or without the help of a camera. On the other hand, the open technique requires a longer incision made behind the hairline surrounding the forehead or hidden at the hairline. The operation is then performed under the direct vision of the surgeon.

Dr. Francesco Gargano, plastic and reconstructive surgeon, offers the best options available for a proper brow lift. You can find your facial sagginess disappears with the perfect brow lift.

Crouzon syndrome

It is a rare inherited disorder in which many of the flexible seams (sutures) in a baby’s skull turn to bone and fuse too early. Early skull fusion is the hallmark of a group of conditions called syndromic craniosynostosis.

Meeting each patient’s unique needs with years of experience and expertise, Dr. Francesco Gargano is poised to render real results that are both visually beautiful, as well as functional. With dedicated hearts towards service for the local community, as well as global locations, nothing gives him as much joy as putting his knowledge to use and giving back. His inspiration walks through the door every day and he strives to remain well-versed in technological advances and new approaches to treatment to provide the very best care. 

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Meet Dr. Gargano

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Dr. Francesco Gargano has extensively trained around the world and is committed to healing through individualized care. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. He is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Dr. Gargano received his medical degree from the Sapienza University of Rome in Italy, graduating magna cum laude. He continued his education at Sapienza University where he earned his PhD in Plastic Surgery, Human Anatomy and Dermatology, and completed his first residency in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.


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